28 October, 2000

Purchased thesoanes.com

There was a time when it was fashionable to have a .com domain name and there were rumours of them running out. I bought this domain so as to jump on that bandwagon. I let it lapse because it was serving no purpose at one point, only to discover an important email had gone to it and I had missed it. So I bought it again so no others went astray. LINK

17 June, 2000

Desiged and implemented wandsworthsc.com

This was my son's swimming club at the time and I was membership secretary. The web site (and some other promotion) grew the membership of the club from 100 to 300 (capacity) in a little more than a year. Originally on a free virgin.net host, it was soon moved to its own domain and a shared host provided by easyspace. LINK

NB In 2003 I handed it over to the current management of the club. I therefore take no responsibility for the current design, even though the underlying design was mine.

16 March, 2000

Purchased soane.net

I wanted to have a short, meaningful, transferable email address for myself and others in my family. Since soane.com was not available, I went for this. LINK