22 October, 2006

Started development of garfagnana-food.com

This is a good food guide for the Garfagnana region of Tuscany. I could never remember what was available, when it was open and I found myself not trying different places as a result. So the idea was selfish, but I thought it might have wider benefits. Still developing, though the basics work. LINK

08 October, 2006

Shared hosting by GoDaddy

CWH unable to offer the flexibility I was looking for on sub-domains, I bought some shared linux capacity with GoDaddy. So far so good.

28 January, 2006

Club-host basic launched

Prompted by an enquiry from a club, I developed a "out of the box" or "plain vanilla" starter site for clubs looking for a really cheap entry into the www with no programming or HTML skills needed. The terms can be found on club-host.com. LINK

02 January, 2006

Designed and implemented sew-linda.xnet.cc

This was a commission for my sister-in-law who makes brilliant curtains and furnishings and wanted to start a business. LINK