17 November, 2007

Server migration complete for garfagnana-food and soane.net

I have closed the old server. Some, non-active, sites still need to be loaded on the new server, but I took the decision to complete the move as an incentive to get everything in order. All the domain routing now works, but some of the sites have to be loaded. I am gradually working my way through them.

30 October, 2007

Server migration

I have taken the plunge and started the migration to a new GoDaddy server ( New details:
CPU GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Xeon(R)CPU 5148 @ 2.33GHz
Operating system Linux 2.6.9-023stab044.4-smp
Plesk version 8.2.1_build82070918.10 os_FedoraCore 6

I was forever running out of memory on the old one and this will give me more speed and a supported Fedora operating system (Core 6). Also added Plesk 8.2.1, which will give me a bit more functionality over domain hosting, etc.

Transferred my parked domains yesterday.

Will move the active sites over the w/e probably, before closing the old one. Meanwhile all should be as was on the old server.

Now I just need to get to grips with Plesk...

17 August, 2007

Gallery2 added to soane.net

Great piece of free kit this, which enables you to publish your own photos. LINK

25 May, 2007

OverLIB incorporated into garfagnana-food

Another great freeware product, thanks to Erik Bosrup. LINK

21 March, 2007

Google maps integrated into garfagnana-food

What a brilliant application this is. Just could not resist integrating it into the site. It slows the whole thing down a lot though so I have put it a bit more in the background now. LINK

17 March, 2007

Soane.net redesigned

A full make-over to simplify and smarten up what had become a bit of a mess. Hope you like it... LINK

12 March, 2007

Switched host to GoDaddy virtual dedicated server

Finding shared hosting a bit too constrained and in particular preventing me from providing a service that a client particularly wanted, I took the plunge and bought GoDaddy's virtual dedicated server. So now I have 10GB of a linux box in Scottsdate Arizona, running Red Hat Fedora Core 4, Apache 2.0.13, PHP 5.0.4, MySQL 4.1.20. LINK