19 December, 2011

SEO advice

Gave some today that is worth capturing:

Use title and description meta-tags, ideally varied page by page. Google has an issue with multiple use of the same text for some reason.

Google ignores the 'keywords' meta tag but other search engines pay it some attention so it is worth keeping.

A good 'description' meta-tag is essential.

Also title could be a bit longer (up to 65 characters including spaces)

Get as many people as you can to link to you from blogs, other websites, articles and so on.

Let's see if that elevates c-a-mayer-memorial.org.uk

03 December, 2011

Yesterday's outage

Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by last night's short outage. GoDaddy said they had a communications issue with a number of servers so I am relieved that it was not a user error or a DOS attack. In all it lasted less than ah hour I think.

30 November, 2011

Lysandra Press now live

Today we launch the site of a new ebook publisher, lysandrapress.com. Please go have a look and buy some books...

03 November, 2011


How brilliant is this. I cannot believe I have not found this solution before. I have so many pages that depend on a user input to connect the client and server sides of a site, now Ajax can do all of that for them, so fewer clicks. Now to remember where they were and go upgrade them...

30 September, 2011


With some trepidation I am moving my server and control panel. So Bye-bye Arizona and Plesk and Hello Europe (still not sure where GoDaddy's base is!) and cPanel. No doubt there will be teething troubles, but Plesk has never been that friendly to me and the newer fancier server will assist now that I am hosting more sites and more particularly for paying customers/partners.

05 August, 2011

New client

Today saw the first steps towards building a new site for Portsmere, with the purchase of the domain name portsmere.com. Now to make a great site for them.

03 March, 2011


Is now live. I am rather pleased with it; but, more important, so is the client. I had fun working with images in a bit more depth and applying dynamic drive's Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow and Lightbox 2. See it here