19 December, 2011

SEO advice

Gave some today that is worth capturing:

Use title and description meta-tags, ideally varied page by page. Google has an issue with multiple use of the same text for some reason.

Google ignores the 'keywords' meta tag but other search engines pay it some attention so it is worth keeping.

A good 'description' meta-tag is essential.

Also title could be a bit longer (up to 65 characters including spaces)

Get as many people as you can to link to you from blogs, other websites, articles and so on.

Let's see if that elevates c-a-mayer-memorial.org.uk

03 December, 2011

Yesterday's outage

Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by last night's short outage. GoDaddy said they had a communications issue with a number of servers so I am relieved that it was not a user error or a DOS attack. In all it lasted less than ah hour I think.