25 November, 2013

Search basics

Found this on Google and have 're-tweeted' the gist of it here. NB When using an 'operator', don't add any spaces between the operator and your query.
  • Search for an exact word or phrase eg "search query"
  • Exclude a word eg -word You can also exclude results based on other operators, like excluding all results from a specific site.
  • Search within a site or domain eg site:domain.org You can also search within a specific top-level domain eg site:.co.uk
  • Search for pages that link to a URL eg link:query You can also search for links to specific pages, eg link:google.com/images
  • Search for pages that are similar to a URL: eg related:query
  • Include a "fill in the blank": eg query * query an asterisk in a query is a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms
  • Search for either word: eg query OR query NB CAPS world cup location 2014 OR 2018 
  • Search for a number range: eg number..number
  • Complex queries: eg (google +yahoo) OR (google +bing) +compare

22 November, 2013

Energy Bytes in Beta

My first full on experience with WordPress. Leaving the question of whether I should migrate this blog to that platform. Hmm... Leave that for another day.

I based the design on TwentyTwenty, one of the default themes. I was able to achieve a satisfactory look and feel, just. Still a few niggles to resolve. Mighty difficult to unravel someone else's CSS!

In terms of functionality, after quite a lot of searching, I resorted to making a few of my own "widgets" - advanced search, weekly subscriber email with admin panel, smart contact page, bespoke archive. That proved more straightforward than the CSS.

Site is currently in Beta testing, going live next week