06 December, 2013

Energy Bytes live

I am particularly pleased with the bespoke email subscription 'plugin' that I wrote for this site. Since all the hard work is done invisibly, I'll describe it here. User enters his/her email. This is validated on the site as being email-like with some regex and MX tests. Then, assuming these pass, the email address is stored and a probe email sent to the user with a code embedded in a link. If the user validates using the link, they receive an email of all the new posts to the site which is fired by a cronjob once a week. Every email is individual and has a unique unsubscribe link. I also wrote some admin tools the keep the list neat and tidy. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough; but I could not find an existing Wordpress plugin to do all that I wanted.

Please visit the site for an up to date independent resource on energy efficiency policy.